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13 Bathroom renovation ideas

Here are some great ideas to consider when designing your bathroom.bathroom 2

1 – Night light and skylight

It’s a fact, some tiles show every spec of dirt and never look clean (eg. shiny black tiles). Look for tiles that are mat in finish, not too dark or too light and a bit grainy to look at (eg. limestone or shellstone are great a hiding the dust and dirt).
Try an LED floor washing night light for those midnight excursions:
A night light is usually a small floor washer that gives your bathroom or toilet just a little light at night. Bathrooms need a lot of light, but you don’t want to be blinded in the middle of the night. LED lights consume so little on the power, that leaving them on all night is not a problem. Also if you get the opportunity to include a skylight it will create natural light for when you are putting on your makeup and save on electricity costs during the day.¬†Simply put – light, bright bathrooms are warmer and more inviting.

2 – Mid colour clean surfaces

Keep your bathroom floor uncluttered + easy clean:
Most bathroom dust and dirt ends up on the floor. Consider this when designing. A mid coloured floor surface works better than a really dark tile. It’s a fact, some tiles show every spec of dirt and never look clean (eg. shiny black tiles). Look for tiles that are mat in finish, not too dark or too light and a bit grainy to look at (eg. limestone or shellstone are great a hiding the dust and dirt).If you keep the floor completely clear it is so easy to clean. For an off the floor bathroom you need a wall mounted toilet pan, in-wall cistern and vanity. Even door stops can be wall mounted.

3 – Storage

Give up the under bench cupboards for a super sized shaving cabinet:
Bathroom storage is most useful when at head height. A large shaving cabinet is much more use than under basin cupboards. Just like a pantry cupboard, shaving cabinets work best with lots of short and shallow shelves.

4 – Bath edge seatBathroom

Why put up with an uncomfortable bath edge: 
Too many baths have uncomfortable edges that don’t allow you to sit. Select a bath with a low flat edge, flush edge or try an underslung bath with a stone top. Being able to sit on the edge of the bath is great for bathing children, cleaning, getting in and out & for creating a more romantic atmosphere.

5 – Double roll holders

It’s too easy to run out of loo paper – put in a second holder:
Why risk running out of loo paper? Even when you keep a stash of loo paper in the vanity it can run out there too. If you only have 1 roll holder, you can’t replace it when it’s still got a small amount left. Two roll holders is the simplest way to solve the problem, and your guests won’t have to rumage through your cupboards looking.

6 – Vanity view

Why open to a view of the loo:
Even today I see bathrooms layed out with the toilet on display. Set your bathroom up with a view of the vanity and give the toilet some privacy.

7 – Loads of storage

Addicted to toiletries:
These days, more than ever, bathrooms need a lot of storage. The best place to store toiletries is the shaving cabinet – because they are at eye level and not too deep. Try creating a storage wall that runs the whole length of the bathroom.

8 – Ventilation

Avoid foggy mirrors, mould and damp:
Bathrooms are ‘wet areas’. All ‘wet areas’ need ventilation and cross ventilation is the best. If you don’t have access to good ventilation, consider a ventilated skylight or roof window, or an exhaust fan. Make sure the windows can’t be closed off completely.

9 – Light your face, not the mirror

You don’t want to be blinded by the light in the mirror:
Lighting the mirror instead of the face is a common mistake. The best lighting is wall mounted above or beside the mirror and provides diffuse light to the face. Avoid ceiling mounted recessed downlights as they often cause shadows under the eyes.

10 – Easy clean

Some useful pointers to an easy clean bathroom:
Try a wall hung toilet pan or a flush to wall suite to avoid having to clean all the little gaps. Try using large wall tile to minimise the grout or, where the tiles allow, consider tight grout joints (1 – 1.5mm). Try not having a benchtop, just a basin so items aren’t left lying around and there are less surfaces to clean.

11 – Non slip shower

Showers can feel great underfoot and be safer too:
Think mosaic tiles, chips of tumbled marble or pepples. These sorts of floors allow you to get really good falls to the drain and can be a lot safer. With all the extra grout, make sure you seal them twice as much as recommended with a penetrating sealer to avoid discolouration.

12 – Small floor tiles

Fall to the drain easier + improves slip resistance:
Avoid large tiles for your bathroom floor unless you can afford to use those expensive linear drainage systems. Small tiles, like mosaic tiles often create a more slip resistant finish.

Toilet13 – Mirrored wall

A well placed mirror can almost double the feeling of space:
The best mirrored walls run wall to wall without visible fixings so that they mirror the space almost perfectly. Make sure mirrors are well sealed on the back to avoid deterioration around the edges.

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