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Beach shack or coastal home architectural considerations

We all dream of that ideal situation where you can have an inner city home or apartment and then in retirement or perhaps while the kids are still young you retreat on the weekends to that beach shack. These days the coastal home is a sanctuary where you can make the most of the sea views, subtle design orientation of the surroundings, sky blues, bushland greens and of course the water.

When designing for the sea there are a few things to keep in mind.

1. The view

If you have a sea view you will want to make the most of it. Oversized glazed doors, limiting internal doors and walls will give the building a open feeling and bring the outdoors in as well as allowing for airflow from the lovely sea breezes.

2. Outdoor materials


The choice of the exterior is very important in coastal regions. The sea salt can damage materials and so the selection needs to be suitable to this harsh environment. Choosing a durable cladding but one that fits well with the environment is a key consideration. Colorbond, concrete and non corrosive metal is often the way to go.

3. Outdoor niche


Finding a sheltered alcove is an important feature of sea fronted homes to protect you from the blustering sea breeze off the ocean.



4. Outdoor shower or clean off zone


Having a place to shower off the sand before entering the home is a must in a coastal holiday home. There are great ways to incorporate this zone into the natural landscape and make it a feature.

5. Capture special spaces
Being in such a lovely location allows you to capture special spaces that you might not even consider in your week day home. A special bathroom with a view might be a consideration because you will use this holiday home differentially. Escape, relax and find a inner connection with the landscape.

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