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Our Renovation Phase 5, a run for the finish line.

It doesn’t matter who I ask, most home owners who renovate feel the grind at the end of the project and just want it done. It is often been a timeframe that has spun out of control, the budget is blown and relationships are frayed. Our place is a run for the finish line at Christmas. We have been out of our home for over 12 months and are feeling that it is time to move back. This week we have had dramas with lighting. Getting the right light and knowing what a throws a warm glow vs a white stark light is something to really consider with each room.

Choosing the right colour pallet was part of the battle with lighting. We have gone blues, silvers and whites so black light fittings are out. Here is our lighting schedule which we supplied to our builder. This makes the electrician’s job easy when he comes in to do all the lighting in one go. We have the cabinets, lighting and stairs to go and then appliances install. Let’s hope we are in by Christmas. Stay tuned…



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