Picking the right light?


Lighting is often the last part of a project that a client thinks about, however I am always designing to maximise the natural light. Lighting really has a functional and a ambient purpose and so it is worth consulting a lighting expert when designing your home. Picking the right lighting feature is dependant on function and personal tastes. Here are some tips to follow:

  1. Pulling the design together. Sometimes the lighting is simple and understated and sometimes it is the key to pull the design together. Working with colour, shape and size a light is a chance to draw attention.

  2. Frame a space - a lighting feature can frame a space, like a dining room or a reading nook.

  3. Lights can be invisible - but still create drama. Track lighting or LED under a bench or staircase and can really set a mood in the evenings.


4. Colour and materials - are really a chance to show off your style, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms.