Who Inspires me?

I am inspired by the work of many architects and visual artists when designing buildings.   Architects such as Frank Gehry, Mies van der Roche, Alvar Aalto, Alvaro Siza, Steven Holl, Rudolf Schindler, Hans Hollein, Jorn Utzon are but a few of the architects that I have studied closely.  There are too many to list.  I also like looking at visual artists such as Mark Rothko, Ben Nicholson, Antony Gormley, and James Turrell.

 What I need to consider when designing for a client?

Client briefing requirements, natural and physical character of the site, council and building regulations. structural rationale, energy efficiency and budget constraints.  In addition to this I will consider the aesthetic opportunities that these factors will allow me to consider so that I can create something simple but emotionally powerful.  I will always try to seek out a strong shape and form for a building that is spatially exciting and takes full advantage of natural light and vistas that the projects circumstance will allow for.  Architecture is the ability to balance all these constraints and to create a simple form/design that satisfies all these concerns.

Biggest changes to architecture in the last century?

The biggest changes to architecture over the last 20 years has been as a result of computer aided design and new material selections.  Computers allow us to design and fabricate shapes and spaces that in the past would have been very difficult to conceive and to build.  New materials such as glass and plastics offer new opportunities.  In the near future it will be 3d printing not only of architectural designs, but building components and ultimately buildings themselves that will change architecture.

The projects I most love designing?

The project I love designing the most is the current or next one.

What age did you know you wanted to be an architect?

I commented in my year 9 school yearbook that I thought I wanted to be an architect.  I guess it was something I always thought I wanted to do, but it wasn't the only thing I considered.

Latest project, modern home in Berwick.

Latest project, modern home in Berwick.