Mark offers a range of services but most clients choose to do a feasibility study first to ascertain the scope of their project.

Feasibility Study

This includes three meetings, several of these are workshop sessions with you to tease out the elements of the design and come up with one plan that meets your needs. This also includes a estimation of probable cost for the project to be built.

Most clients find these sessions extremely valuable even those who ultimately decide to buy a new home instead of renovating as they understand the options before they make a costly decision.


Architectual – Permits and Plans

Once the client has signed an Architect Agreement then Mark starts the plans that need to be produced so permits can be obtained and so builders can quote and build the project. This is where the bulk of the time is spent and can take anywhere from 4 months to over a year depending on the design and council regulations.

Mark breaks down the costs of doing each stage so that you know how the billing system works.


Project Management

Once the plans are finalised and approved by council then the building can commence. Some clients ask Mark to oversee the builder and project manage their building to ensure that the build follows the architects documents carefully and so they don’t have to manage this onsite communication process.

Why use an architect?

• Customised design – build the house or extension you want

• Can be cost effective to build if designed right

• Allows for catering for environmental and space conscious concerns

• An architect is an expert in planning and ensuring that the project is structurally sound and maximises the potential of the site and indoor and outdoor space