Mudroom - why they are so popular?

So if you have kids you know they come home from school and the first thing they do is drop their bag. These days with polished floor boards and concrete most homes it is a shoes off policy. So what happens to all of those items? Where do they go? Are the left at the front door? Better still, do they decorate the hallway?

Mudrooms have become popular because they create a space for entry and exiting the home that keeps this mess organised. Some key features of great mudrooms are:

  1. Storage - whether it is hooks for coats and hats or draws for belongings, storage is a key part of a mudroom

  2. Light - having outside light can make the mudroom feel and function better

  3. Water- access to a wash up area can be really useful

  4. Position in a laundry or entry often makes sense as it is a clear pitstop on the way in our out of the home.

  5. Style - a mudroom can still be an attractive part of the home

  6. Space - if you don’t feel you have room for a seperate space, incorporating it into an existing space can be a creative option.

Below are some mudrooms ideas we have collated from Houzz