Eco house renovating ideas

We all need to take responsibility for the environment and that means when renovating look for ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

Here are some environmental ideas to consider when you are renovating.

Eco friendly homes of the future will also be smart. Your appliances, A/C, lighting, home security, motorized blinds, garage door openers and other systems will be connected to your network with controls available through apps over the Internet. And chances are, your future home will be smaller.

Tiny House

Tiny House

The “tiny house” movement highlights how much homeowners can save on utility bills when space is limited. Efficiency can also be about use of space as much as about use of energy. While we won’t all live in tiny homes, downsizing will definitely continue to be “in.”

Whatever your renovation requirements I am always looking for ways to be environmentally conscious. From up cycling to reusing reclaimed furniture.