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Mark’s philosophy is simple. He listens to his clients and then works his magic by not only identifying what is important to them, but injecting something special into his designs that delights his clients. Mark’s calm nature puts you immediately at ease and his concern for getting the design right is at the heart of what makes him a really great architect. He really cares about creating special places that people love to be in.

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Mark follows a logical process with his clients;

1. He meets you at the property that is going to be the project.

2. Listens to the key ideas and needs that you have.

3. He then outlines what he calls a feasibility study which is a series of three meetings with design workshops with you to clarify the design elements and come up with a base plan that can be used to estimate a probable cost. Most of Mark’s clients find this a very useful process and the price  is an affordable step before you decide to proceed with the entire architectural services for finalised plans.

If you are in the process of looking for an architect that will listen to what you want and enjoy the process of creating something special then speak with Mark.

“I provide a consultant services as a qualified architect. I assist families in helping to realise their home improvement dreams.I am a friendly and creative architect that strives to understand your needs and to make sure that we capture the essence of what you are hoping for in your home.My collaborative style of designing and managing ensures that you always know the next step and cost involved before we do anything. I provide a fee schedule after I understand the scope of works. Looking forward for the chance to work with you. “

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Mark enjoying some R&R in Tassie

Mark enjoying some R&R in Tassie

Relaxed living

Relaxed living